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Bakery slogans

Prairie Girl Bakery, bakes cupcakes in Toronto
Live life one cupcake at a time.

The Village Bakery in Haines Junction, Yukon
Food & fun under the midnight sun.

Coupland's Bakeries, bakery chain in New Zealand
The home of good baking.

Heavens Bakery in New Zealand
Because you deserve it!

Lovejoy Bakers, artisan bakery and deli in Portland, Oregon
Find pleasure in small things and comfort in good food.

Indulge Bakery in Missoula, Montana
Because Missoula cannot live on bread alone!

Double ELLE Bakery in Calgary
A taste of heritage.

Craig's Bakery in Kamloops, Canada
We work while you sleep.

Saraj Bakery, European rustic artisan bakery and pastry in New Minas
Crafted with tradition, baked with devotion.

Slindon Bakery in West Sussex, England
Everything you expect and more all caringly made by hand.

East Balt Bakeries
Chase perfection. Catch excellence.

Mortimers Bakery in Yeovil
Make it more-ish.

Edelweiss Bakery, offers designer cakes with delivery in Gurgaon, India
For everlasting taste.

Francor Bakery in Parow
Home baked taste.

Gardners Bakery in Northampton, UK
Cakes for all occasions.

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