Beverage slogans

Database of slogans. Energy drinks.

Chaser 5 Hour energy drinks
Slogan: 5 Hour Energy. Drink it in seconds. Feel it in minutes. Lasts for hours.

V brand, New Zealandís energy drink
Slogans: It all starts with "V".
     Think of it as your mid-afternoon wake up call.

Lucozade energy drink
Taglines: Powered by glucose.
     Go for glory.
     The Lucozade within.

Red Eye brand, Australia
Slogan: Red Eye. Energy drink with attitude.

Go Fast! brand, Australia
Slogans: The athleteís energy drink.
     Go Fast! Pure energy.
     Fast things for fast people.

Red Bull energy drink, Austria
Slogans: Red Bull gives you wings.
     Gives you wiiings.
     No Red Bull. No wings.

Red Devil, premium energy drinks
Slogan: Red Devil. The taste of energy!

Burn energy drink
Tagline: Burn. Fire to drink.

Tiger, Polish non-alcoholic energy drink
Advertising slogan: Power is back!

Tiger energy drink, USA
Slogans: Untamed energy.
     More energy. More power.

AMP energy drink
Ad slogan: AMP. Mmmm. Energy.

Pit Bull energy drink
Advertising slogan: Attitude in a can.

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