Alcoholic drink slogans

Database of slogans. Gin.

Tanqueray gin brand
Advertising slogan: Ready to Tanqueray?

Beefeater London Dry Gin
Slogans: Beefeater. This is Gin.
     Make it a double.
     Live a little
(United States campaign)

Gordon's gin
Slogans: Gordon's. Refreshing yet dry.
     Mix Gordon's with Pleasure.
     Re-mix yourself.
     Go for a Gordon's.

Gilbey's special dry gin
Taglines: Gilbey's. Taste the smoothest gin today.
     So smooth. Good times last longer.

London brand
Advertising slogan: London. Just right for you!

Hendrick's, a small-batch gin hand crafted in Scotland
Slogans: Hendrick's. A most unusual gin.
     Hendrick's. It is not for everybody.
     Preferred by 1 out of 1000 gin drinkers.

Martin Miller's, a premium English gin
Advertising slogan: Martin Miller's. Be a tastemaker.

Bombay Sapphire gin
Taglines: Sapphire Inspired.
     Bombay Sapphire. Pour something priceless.