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Bookstore slogans

Indigo, Canadian chain of bookstores
Enrich your life.

Waterstone's book stores, the UK's leading bookseller
Slogans: Waterstone's. Discover something new.
     What's your story?
     The last word in books.

The Rediscovered Bookshop in Boise
Slogans: Where books & people meet.
     New ideas arriving daily.

Seagull Book, American bookstores
Where you never pay full price for anything.

Powell's Books
The legendary independent bookstore.

Eurospan, online bookstore
Slogans: Informing. Educating. Inspiring.
     For the discerning reader.

Blackwell's, academic, educational and business book retailer
Taglines: For learning. For life.
     A book is a gift that lasts a lifetime.
     Live life buy the book.

Argo Bookshop, one of Montreal's oldest retail bookstores
Where Montreal's readers and writers gather.

Andrew's Books Bookstore in Melbourne, Australia
Always worth a browse.

Charis Christian Bookstore in Largo
What goes into the mind comes out in a life.

Doubleday Book Club
Slogans: Find yourself in a great book.
     The best buys on America's best sellers.

The world's most famous bookshop.

Word Power Books in Edinburgh, Scotland
Books to change our world.

Thrift Books, online retail store
Spend less. Read more.

The Travellers Bookstore, Melbourne
Where your journey begins...

Maria's Bookshop in Durango
Passionate about books.

Dymocks, bookstore chain in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong
Dymocks. For booklovers.

Barnes &, online bookstore
The internet's largest bookstore.

Books Etc
Wise up.

Edmonds Bookshop
Finding good homes for books since 1972.

The Toadstool Bookshops
Enchanting selections of wonderful books.

Inklings Bookshop in Yakima
A place set aside for books and their friends.

The Clinton Book Shop
We know books. Books are all we do.

East West Bookshop in Mountain View
Know thyself.

Newtown Bookshop
Your neighborhood independent bookshop.

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