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Bottled water slogans

Aquafina, brand of purified bottled water
Slogans: Aquafina. The purest part of you.
     Make your body happy.
     Aquafina. Purity guaranteed.

Volvic natural mineral water, France
Slogans: Volvic. Are you up to the challenge?
     Filled with volcanicity.
     Volvic. Created by volcanoes.

Dasani purified bottled water
Taglines: Designed to make a difference.
     The water that makes your mouth water.
     Can't live without Dasani.

San Pellegrino, Italian mineral water
Slogans: S. Pellegrino. Live in Italian.
     At homes in Italy and around the world.

Evian mineral water
Slogans: Evian. Live young.
     The secret is in the Alps.
     Detox with Evian.
     Your natural source of youth.

Naya, Canadian natural spring water
Hungry for life. Thirsty for Naya.

Mangiatorella still and sparkling mineral water, Italy
Forever young.

Speyside Glenlivet still and sparkling mineral water
Speyside Glenlivet. The height of good taste.

Donat Mg, mineral water from Slovenia
Donat Mg. More than magnesium.

Le Bleu, ultra pure bottled water
My body loves Le Bleu.

Ashe Park mineral water
Ashe Park. Clear sign of a great restaurant.

Acqua Panna, Italian brand of bottled water
A water that belongs on the wine list.

Lauretana low mineralized water, Italy
Lauretana. The lightest water in Europe.

Pedras Salgadas, naturally carbonated mineral water from Portugal
Pedras. An unforgettable experience.

Selters natural mineral water from Germany
Original Selters. The source of good taste.

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