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Bottled water slogans, taglines.

Aquafina, brand of purified bottled water
Slogans: Aquafina. The purest part of you.
     Make your body happy.
     Aquafina. Purity guaranteed.

Volvic natural mineral water, France
Slogans: Volvic. Are you up to the challenge?
     Filled with volcanicity.
     Volvic. Created by volcanoes.

Dasani purified bottled water
Slogans: Designed to make a difference.
     The water that makes your mouth water.
     Can't live without Dasani.

San Pellegrino, Italian mineral water
Slogans: S. Pellegrino. Live in Italian.
     At homes in Italy and around the world.

Evian mineral water
Slogans: Evian. Live young.
     The secret is in the Alps.
     Detox with Evian.
     Your natural source of youth.

Naya, Canadian natural spring water
Slogan: Hungry for life. Thirsty for Naya.

Mangiatorella still and sparkling mineral water, Italy
Advertising slogan: Forever young.

Speyside Glenlivet still and sparkling mineral water
Slogan: Speyside Glenlivet. The height of good taste.

Donat Mg, mineral water from Slovenia
Tagline: Donat Mg. More than magnesium.

Le Bleu, ultra pure bottled water
Advertising slogan: My body loves Le Bleu.

Ashe Park mineral water
Slogan: Ashe Park. Clear sign of a great restaurant.

Acqua Panna, Italian brand of bottled water
Slogan: A water that belongs on the wine list.

Lauretana low mineralized water, Italy
Tagline: Lauretana. The lightest water in Europe.

Pedras Salgadas, naturally carbonated mineral water from Portugal
Slogan: Pedras. An unforgettable experience.

Selters natural mineral water from Germany
Slogan: Original Selters. The source of good taste.

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