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Butter, margarine & spread slogans

Kerrygold, Irish butter
Slogans: From a land of better butter.
     The best tasting butter in the world.
     Kerrygold. It's all pure butter.
     One of life's pure pleasures.

Kerrygold Softer butter
Spread the word.

Kerry LowLow butter spread
The tasty spread for a healthy lifestyle.

Kerrymaid dairy spreads
Slogans: Discover the true taste of Kerry.
     It's all in the taste.

Dairygold butter spreads in Ireland
Taglines: Butter it with Dairygold.
     The taste of dairy goodness.

Dairygold Lighter
Slogans: Great taste lower in fat.
     For the lighter side of you.

Dromona, butter and buttery spreads
Home is where the Dromona is.

Connacht Gold low fat butter
Connacht Gold. Real butter. Half the fat.

Parkay margarine
Slogans: Parkay. The flavor says butter.
     Now the flavor says butter even better.

Parkay spreads
Made with nonfat real milk.

Logicol, cholesterol lowering spread in Australia
Taglines: Life is calling.
     Get it down & keep it down.

Utterly Butterly, British brand of buttery spreads
Slogans: Utterly smitten.
     Utterly irresistible.
     Utterly unfair.
     Utterly impolite.
     It's the taste that drives you.

Smart Balance buttery spreads
Put a little love in your heart.

Devondale, Australian butter and butter blends
Devondale. You deserve it.

Devondale Dairy Soft butter spreads
Spreads straight from the fridge.

Mother Dairy butter
Slogans: Mother Dairy. The creamier, tastier butter.
     Smart mum's choice.

Kellerís butter
Making good things better since 1906.

Western Star butter in Australia
Slogans: Western Star. Australia's favourite.
     Spread the love.

Golden Crown butter compound
Golden Crown. The crowning glory of good food.

Chiffon margarine
If you think it's butter, but it's not, it's Chiffon.

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