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Coffee shop slogans

Caribou Coffee, coffeehouse chain
Life is short. Stay awake for it.

Starbucks, global coffee company and coffeehouse chain
Slogans: It's not just coffee. It's Starbucks.
     Your home from home.

Saxbys Coffee, chain of coffee shops
Saxbys Coffee. Start your day fresh.

Tim Hortons, chain of donut and coffee shops
Taglines: Tim Hortons. Always fresh.
     It's time for Tims.
     Always fresh. Always Tim Hortons.

Esquires Coffee Houses
Great coffee helps.

Dunkin' Donuts, coffee house chain
Slogans: America runs on Dunkin'.
     You kin' do it.
     Bring yourself back.

Costa, coffee shop chain
Costa. For coffee lovers.

Coffee Beanery, chain of coffee shops
Coffee people who care.

Coffee Bean, American coffee and tea shop chain
Carefully nurtured from seed to cup.

Coffee World, chain of premium coffee shops in Asia
Where the world meets.

CC's Coffee Houses in Louisiana
You love our coffee, we love our guests.

Port City Java, coffeehouse chain in the United States
Globally grown. Carolina roasted.

Zarraffa's Coffee, coffee house chain in Australia
Now you're talking serious coffee!

Cuppers Coffee House in Prescott, Arizona
With enough coffee anything is possible.

Camden Coffee House
Live life, love coffee.

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