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Coffee slogans, taglines.

Folgers coffee
The best part of wakin' up.
– The best part of wakin' up... is Folgers in your cup.

Gevalia, premium gourmet coffee
Let's coffee.
– Experience love at first sip.

Maxwell House coffee
Say good morning to a good day.
– Maxwell House. Good to the last drop!
– Your sweet new getaway is just a sip away.

Douwe Egberts coffee
No ordinary jar. No ordinary coffee.
– Douwe Egberts. The coffee category expert.

Eight O'Clock, coffee beans & ground coffee
For those who put coffee first.
– Wake up. It's Eight O'Clock.

Bru, coffee trademark in India
Happiness begins with Bru.

Carte Noire, French coffee brand
For a more seductive coffee break.
– Carte Noire. French for coffee.

Tchibo, German brand of instant coffee
A new experience every week.
– Passionate about coffee.
– Tchibo. Awaken the senses.

Taylors of Harrogate coffee
Home of the world's finest coffees.

Arvid Nordquist Classic, ground coffee, Sweden
Imagine what a bit of Classic can do.

Puro coffee, Belgium
Make yourself more useful. Have a coffee break.

Melitta, German brand of coffee, coffee filter paper and coffee makers
The flavor of Europe in every cup.
– When it's time for me, it's time for Melitta.
– Coffee indulgence.

Rombouts, fresh ground coffee
Real coffee for people with an instant lifestyle.
– Whichever way you choose, choose Rombouts.

Kimbo, Italian brand of coffee
Kimbo… you won't forget it.

Nabob coffee, Canada
Respect the bean.
– Better beans. Better coffee. Better planet.

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