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Credit card slogans

Discover Credit Card
Slogans: We treat you like you'd treat you.
     It pays to Discover.

Discover Card Customer Service
Here to help. Not to sell.

Diners Club Credit Cards
Taglines: Belong.
     Travel in good company.

UnionPay Credit Cards
Explore the world with UnionPay.

JCB Credit Cards in Japan
Uniquely yours.

Slogans: Everywhere you want to be.
     Life flows better with Visa.
     The future takes Visa.
     Yes you can.
     Makes the world go round.

Visa Business
It's everywhere you want your business to be.

RushCard, prepaid Visa card
Finally, access for everyone.

Slogans: Only Barclaycard.
     Making payment simpler.
     Get more out of plastic.

Slogans: Priceless.
     There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's Mastercard.
     The future of money.

World Mastercard
More living. Less limits.

MasterCard Corporate
Helping you find profits in new places.

Master Charge (now MasterCard)
Relax. You've got Master Charge.

Wherever you go.

Maestro Debit Card
Slogans: The new cash.
     Maestro. So simple.

Switch Debit Card (now Maestro)
Your money at home and abroad.

Citi Double Cash
Double means double.

Citibank AAdvantage
Never miss another mile.

Slogans: Today's way to pay.
     Think of it as money.

Ford Citibank Card
Get the card that gets you the car.

Access Credit Cards in England and Ireland
Taglines: It takes the waiting out of wanting.
     Your flexible friend.

BOBCards in India
Credit power booster.

SBI Credit Card in India
Make life simple.

Marbles Credit Cards
Use your Marbles.

Sony Card from Capital One
It's your window to the things you want.

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