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Deodorant slogans

Fa Deodorant
Slogans: Feel Fantastic.
     Feel good freshness.

Nivea Deodorant
Taglines: Beauty is confidence.
     The 24/7 workaholic deodorant.

Nivea Men Deodorants
It starts with you.

Nivea Pearl & Beauty
Accessorize your underarms.

Ban Deodorant
We'll take care of sweat and odor. The rest is up to you.

Axe, brand of deodorants, body sprays
Slogans: Find your magic.
     Spray more. Get more.
     The Axe effect.

Various lines of Axe deodorants
Taglines: Axe Apollo. Nothing beats an astronaut.
     Axe Peace. Make love, not war.
     Axe Excite. Even angels will fall.

Axe Body Spray
Don't rely on fate.

Lynx Deodorants
Slogans: Find your magic.
     Avoid sweat. Attract women.

Old Spice Deodorants
Taglines: Smell 'em who's boss.
     Smell better than yourself.

Old Spice Timber
Make a smellmitment.

Old Spice Re-Fresh Body Spray
Smellcome to manhood.

Secret, deodorant for women
Slogans: Stress tested for women.
     Strong like a woman.
     Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

Secret Platinum Protection
When you're strong you sparkle.

Rexona Deodorant
It won't let you down.

Degree Deodorants and Antiperspirants
It won't let you down.

Sure Deodorant
Taglines: Be Sure to be dry.
     Raise your hand if you're Sure.

Sure Unscented
Protection that's undetected.

Sure Crystal
Protect yourself from white marks.

Sure for Men
Whatever makes you sweat.

Sure Deo Wipes
What are you doing tonight?

Dove Deodorant
Effective protection. Beautiful results.

Dove Clinical Protection
Protect your moments.

Right Guard, brand of men's deodorants
Slogans: Right Guard. For the win.
     A 24 hour man needs a 24 hour deodorant.
     Don't get dressed without it.

Streax Xenoh Deodorant
Anything's possible.

Impulse, female body spray
Slogans: Men can't help acting on Impulse.
     Free your arms.

Mitchum Deodorants
The most powerful sweat + odor control.

Speed Stick Deodorant
Don't sweat it. Handle it.

Speed Stick Gear
For moments that matter.

Lady Speed Stick Deodorant
Protects you like a man. Treats you like a woman.