Slogans: education

Database of slogans. Learning disability schools.

Chartwell School, Seaside, USA, educates children with language-related learning variations, including dyslexia
Advertising slogan: Chartwell. Because not all great minds think alike.

Ann Arbor Academy, USA, a private, non-profit day school for those who may have been diagnosed with a learning disability or difference
Slogan: Ann Arbor Academy. A school as unique as the minds we teach.

Hamlin Robinson School, an independent school in Seattle offering a specialized program for students with dyslexia and related language difficulties
Advertising slogan: Where learning has no limits.

Lawrence School, Broadview Heights, Ohio , an independent day school serving students in grades K-12 with learning differences and attention deficits
Slogans: Teach! Ignite! Inspire!
     Great minds don't think alike.

Landmark College, a fully accredited two-year college in Vermont exclusively for students with dyslexia, ADD or specific learning disabilities
Tagline: Landmark College. Take a different path.

Westmark School, Encino, California, a private non-profit school for students in grades 2-12 with diagnosed learning differences and at least average intellectual potential
Motto: Westmark School. Discover Your Path to Success.

Walbridge School, Madison, USA, dedicated to teaching in kindergarten through eighth grade for kids with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, cognitive processing and organization
Ad slogan: Walbridge School. Education that works.