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Egg slogans

The American Egg Board / marketing campaign of eggs
Slogans: Incredible!
     The incredible edible egg.

NECC, National Egg Coordination Committee in India / advertising campaign of eggs
Slogans: Have you had an Egg today?
     An egg a day keeps the doctor away.

British Egg Marketing Board / advertising campaign of eggs
Slogans: Go to work on an egg.
     Serve eggs, save money!
     Happiness is egg-shaped.

Australian Egg Farmers / marketing campaign of eggs
Unbeatable for breakfast.

Egg Farmers of Canada
Taglines: Dedicated to quality.
     Get cracking.
     Pride in every egg.

British Lion Quality, mark on egg shells and egg boxes in England
Slogans: Lion Quality. So very British.
     The pride of Britain.
     British Lion Eggs. Fast food. And good for you.

Jimmy Dean omelets
Real hot breakfast.

Two Chicks, brand of liquid egg white and egg white omelette mix
Two Chicks. The whiter lighter egg.

Egg Innovations brand
Letting chickens be chickens.

Vital Farms pasture-raised eggs
Slogans: The happiest hens in the world.
     Our happy hens are humanely raised outdoors.

Respectful eggs
Slogans: Helping live a happy life.
     Happy hens, healthy planet.

Pure Foods Eggs, producer of eggs in Tasmania
Slogans: Tasmanian fresh.
     Where the Egg comes first.

Valley Brook eggs
Naturally your best choice.

Manning Valley free range eggs
Nature's intention.

Silver Dale free range eggs in Australia
Silver Dale. As nature intended.

Sunny Queen Farms eggs
Slogans: Wake up on the Sunny side.
     Crack a Sunny Queen smile.

Davidson's Safest Choice pasteurized eggs
Made safer... Naturally.

Columbus eggs
Taglines: A simple way to a healthier heart.
     Healthier eggs from healthier hens.

Goldenlay eggs
Slogans: Goldenlay Omega 3. Engaging hearts & minds.
     Crack a meal today with Goldenlay.

NestFresh eggs
NestFresh. Always 100% cage free.

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