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Fast food slogans

Jack in the Box Fast Food
Slogans: Eat it. Any time.
     We don't make it until you order it.

Chick-fil-A Fast Food
Eat mor chikin.

Fatburger Fast Food
The last great hamburger stand.

Long John Silver's, quick-service seafood restaurants
Taglines: That's what I like.
     We speak fish.

Yoshinoya, Japanese fast food chain
Happiness is a bowl.

Slogans: I'm lovin' it.
     The simpler the better.
     The simple joy of McDonald's.
     That's what makes McDonald's.
     We love to see you smile.
     Did somebody say McDonald's?
     McDonald's makes your day.

Taco Bell, American fast food restaurants
Slogans: Taco Bell. Live más.
     Think outside the bun.

Del Taco, American quick service restaurants
Go bold or go home.

Taglines: Where the food's the star.
     Hardee's. Come on home.
     It's hot. It's Hardee's.

Carl's Jr. Fast Food
Slogans: Eat like you mean it.
     Don't bother me, I'm eating.
     Making people happy through food.

Subway, chain of fast food restaurants
Slogans: Fresh is what we do.
     Subway. Eat fresh.
     The way a sandwich should be.

Sonic, American drive-in fast-food restaurants
Slogans: This is how you Sonic.
     Service with the speed of sound.

Rally's and Checkers Drive-In Restaurants
Taglines: Crazy good food.
     Fast foodies know the deal.
     Rally's. Feast on.
     Checkers. Epic meals. Epic deals.
     Hi-performance human fuel.

Bumpers Drive-In of America, drive-in fast food
America's favorite foods.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
Louisiana fast.

A&W Restaurants
All American food.

Qdoba Mexican Eats
What are you going to love at Qdoba?

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill
Eat well. Live fresh.

Chipotle Mexican Grill
Food with integrity.

Spur Steak Ranches, South Africa
A taste for life.

Steak Escape Sandwich Grill, located at food courts in shopping malls
Everything else is just fast food.

Charleys Philly Steaks, sandwich stores
Hungry? You're not alone.

Quiznos Sub Sandwich Restaurants
Mmmmm… Toasty!

Wimpy, brand of fast food restaurants
Enjoy every moment.

Burgerville Fast Food
Better taste comes from better food.

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