Slogans: baked goods

Database of slogans. Bread.

Irish Pride bread, Ireland
Ad slogan: Irish Pride. It's a matter of pride.

Nature's Own bread brand
Slogan: Nature's Own. We are nature's baker.

Brumby's bread brand, Australia
Advertising slogan: Brumby's. Baked today!

Dempster's bread range, Canada
Motto: Dempster's. Nourish yourself.

Bakers Delight brand, Australia, New Zealand
Advertising slogan: Bakers Delight. Your Local Baker.

Thomas’ / Hearty Grains english muffins
Tagline: Heartier nooks. Healthier grannies.

Thomas’ / Squares bagelbread
Ad slogan: Part Bagel. Part Bread. Totally delicious.

Earth Grains breads
Slogan: Earth Grains. Discover a Healthier Slice of Life!

Kingsmill bread
Advertising slogan: Love bread. Love Kingsmill.

Burgen, a range of special healthy breads
Tagline: Burgen. Harnessing the Power of Nature.