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Iced tea & coffee slogans

Lipton ice tea
Slogans: Taste the Brightside.
     Real tea leaves & antioxidants.
     Don't knock it until you've tried it.

Turkey Hill iced tea
Turkey Hill. It's cold-fashioned.

Nestea, bottled iced tea
Nestea. Take the plunge.

Nestea Vitao, green iced tea
Release the goodness.

Luzianne, brand of bottled and bagged iced tea
Slogans: Luzianne Cold Brew. Authentic flavor. Timed to a tea.
     Take a fresh look at your iced tea.

Luzianne Pour-n-Stir, liquid iced tea concentrate
Real tea. Real fast.

Teas' Tea, bottled tea drinks
Slogans: Only the purest tea.
     Drink for your self.

Fuze iced tea brand
Fuze. Flavor charged iced tea.

BOS, South African brand of ice tea
Natural energy.

CSwiss ice tea
For people with high expectations.

Honest Tea, bottled organic tea
Slogans: Refreshingly Honest.
     Tastes so good, you won't have to pretend anymore.

Gold Peak Tea, ready-to-drink iced tea
Slogans: The taste that brings you home.
     Home brewed taste.

Pure Leaf iced tea
Pure Leaf. Real brewed tea.

MangaJo iced teas
MangaJo. Happy, healthy days.

Mad River iced tea
Nature is a mother drink to it.

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