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Insecticide & repellent slogans

Raid, brand of insecticides
Raid. Kills bugs dead.

Raid Ant Baits
Kills ants dead.

Raid Ant & Roach Killer
Kills bugs & germs dead.

All Out, mosquito repellents in India
Kills bugs dead. Protects your family.

Repel Insect Repellents
Get out there.

Sawyer Insect Repellents
Slogans: We keep you outdoors.
     No ticks. No mosquitoes. Simply better.

Sunsect Insect Repellent + Sunscreen
It's all you'll ever need...

Off! Insect Repellents
Slogans: Keeps bugs Off!
     Off! It works!
     Keeps bugs away from you.

Black Flag, insecticide brand in the USA
Slogans: Black Flag. Let it fly.
     The baddest Black Flag ever!
     Control your world.

Black Flag Roach Motel Trap
Roaches check inů but they don't check out!

Autan Insect Repellent
Slogans: Keeps bugs away, gently.
     Autan. You love it. Mossies hate it.

Mosi-guard Natural, mosquito repellent
Naturally better than the alternative.

Good Knight Naturals, mosquito repellent cream
Live free.

Jungle Formula Insect Repellent
Slogans: It's not just for the jungle.
     Keeps biting insects at bay.

Mosquito Magnet, mosquito control products
Taglines: Put mosquitoes in their place.
     Take back your yard.

Mega-Catch Mosquito Traps
The ultimate mosquito trap.

RID Medicated Insect Repellent
Nothing comes close.

Mortein, household insecticides in Australia
More smart. More safe. Mortein.

Spectracide, products for outdoor insect and weed control
Make the smart choice.

Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer
Bugs can't hide from Spectracide.

Flit, brand of insecticide against mosquitoes
Slogans: Quick, Henry, the Flit!
     Don't get bit... Get Flit.

Baygon, brand of bug sprays, mosquito coils and baits
Taglines: The power is yours.
     If it's Baygon it works.

Cutter Insect Repellents
Incredibly effective.

Revenge, sprays and fly catchers
Got pests? Get Revenge!

Casper Mosquito Coil
Assured protection every night.