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Convenience store slogans

Convenience store slogans

7-Eleven, international chain of convenience stores
Slogans: 7-Eleven. Oh thank heaven.
     Oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven.
     Where the good things come easy.

Ampm, convenience store chain
Ampm. Too much good stuff.

Dari Mart, chain of convenience stores in Oregon, USA
Dari Mart. Our family's best.

Circle K, international chain of convenience stores
Slogans: Only at Circle K.
     What else do you need?

ABC Stores, convenience stores in Honolulu, Hawaii
The store with aloha.

Spinx convenience stores, North and South Carolina
Spinx. Making life easier.

Kangaroo Express, convenience stores at gas stations, USA
Get right at the Roo.

QuikTrip (abbreviated QT) convenience stores, USA
Think Quik.

Kwik Trip, convenience stores and gas stations, USA
Kwik Trip. Big on fresh. Low on price.

Royal Farms, chain of convenience stores, United States
Royal Farms. Real fresh. Real fast.

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