Shopping & retail slogans

Database of slogans. Shopping centers & malls.

Highland Square, shopping mall in New Glasgow, Canada
Highland Square. More of what you want.

White Oaks Mall in London, Ontario, Canada
Makes you feel like shopping.

Sunridge Mall in Calgary, Canada
Sunridge. Your mall. Inspired by you.

Northland Village, shopping mall in Calgary, Alberta
Northland Village. Shop easy.

Carlingwood, shopping centre in Ottawa, Canada
Carlingwood. Easy on your life.

Merivale Mall, Ottawa
Your neighbourhood mall that has it all!

Toronto Eaton Centre, shopping mall in downtown Toronto
Toronto Eaton Centre. In. To. You.

Agincourt Mall in Toronto, Canada
Just a step away from home.

Yorkdale, large shopping centre in Toronto, Ontario
Yorkdale. Be inspired.

Conestoga Mall, Waterloo, Canada
Live life.

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