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Speech therapy slogans

Capland Speech Therapy Center
Don't let your thoughts go unspoken.

Leaps & Bounds Speech Pathology
Because you want the best for your child.

Teaneck Speech and Language Center
Creating pathways to better communication.

Kausar H. Zafar, speech therapist in Houston
Committed to results.

At Home Speech Therapy in Greater Vancouver
Open doors to communication.

Center for Speech and Language Disorders in Lombard
Therapy that makes a difference.

Small Talk Speech and Language Therapy
Helping children reach their true potential.

Greater Atlanta Speech and Language Clinics
Working together for a greater tomorrow.

The Speech Therapy Centre
Communicate with confidence.

The TalkSpot Speech Therapy Center for Adults in Westport
Live. Work. Play. Communicate.

Glenda Browne Speech Pathology
Investing in our kids' future.

Tanya Boyd Speech Pathology
Building confidence through language.

Spectrum Speech Pathology
Opening the world of communication.

The Little Bookworm Speech Pathology
Enhancing speech, language and literacy.

Life Spirit Speech Pathology
We lift the life spirit of those we serve!

City Sounds of NY, speech-language pathology center
Dedicated to making a child's voice heard.

Speech Pathways, private speech-language pathology practice
Your path to clear communication.

Shelley Ortved, speech pathologist
Providing the tools to build better communication.

Alfano Center, speech and occupational therapy in Miami
A new beginning.

Lowry Speech & Occupational Therapy in Denver
Is your child ready for success?

Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre
Releasing children's potential.

South Australia Speech and Hearing Centre
Hearing you loud and clear.

Ohio University Hearing, Speech & Language Clinic
The promise of excellent care.

Talk Play Grow, speech therapy for kids
Transforming children's speech and language.

Surrey's Little Talkers, speech and language therapy services
Committed to unlocking children's communication.