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Tanning salon slogans

Sun Tan City, chain of tanning salons in the USA
Let yourself shine.

Tan Without Sand, upscale indoor tanning salon in Whitby, Canada
Our only competition is the sun.

Neon Sun Tanning Salon of Amarillo
When the beach is out of reach.

California Sun, tanning salon &spray tan in California
See it. Live it. Love it.

Pacific Coast Tans, tanning salon in Richmond, VA
The look you want.

TNT Tanning Salons in Ohio
Get the look that gets the looks!

Mayan Sun Salons in Victoria, Canada
The power of the sun. For everyone.

Evening Sun Tanning Salon in Chicago Heights
Because you deserve the best.

Tan-Tations Tanning Salon in Orangeville
You deserve the best. We provide it!

Sun Fix Tanning Salon in Fairbanks, Alaska
Get your fix at Sun Fix.

Always Tan & Skin Care Center
Always beautiful. Always radiant.

Seattle Sun Tan, chain of tanning salons in Seattle
The best tan east of Maui.

Sunseekers Sunbeds, chain of professional tanning centres, England
The responsible tanning people.

Gold Tan and Sunset Spa, tanning salon in Mississauga
Look like gold. Feel like gold.

Electrik Beach Tanning Studio in Monroe, Michigan
Look good. Feel great.

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