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Taxi slogans

Santa Monica Taxi in California
Taxi! Taxi!

J&J Taxi in Columbia, Missouri
Where your dollar travels a little further.

Dean Taxis, United Kingdom
Your destination is our goal.

Courtesy Taxi in Penticton
Always there because we are everywhere.

Diamond Taxi, Toronto
When you have a choice... choose Diamond.

Barrie Taxi in Canada
Slogans: We take pride in your ride.
     The cabs you see everywhere.

Niagara Falls Taxi
Affordable, reliable and fast.

Victoria Taxi in Canada
Local. Reliable. Safe.

Co-op Taxi Line, transportation cooperative in Edmonton
Service is our attitude, and attitude is everything!

Co-op Taxi Line in Regina
We are always there at your service.

A1 Taxi, company in Brampton
Slogans: Brampton's largest fleet.
     Always there when you need.

Cathedral Cars, taxi company in Worcester
Always there when you need a taxi.

City Cabs, taxi service in Kitchener
Always there for you.

Blueline Taxis in Harrogate
Single time, all the time.

Burlington Taxi
Hop in. Let's go!

Casino Taxi, dispatch provider in Halifax
We're the fast ones.

Chilliwack Taxi
Just minutes away.

Meru Cabs, taxi service in India
Meru Cabs. Rely on us.

Apple Taxis in Sydney
Going green in Sydney's taxi scene.

Taxico, taxi and transportation services
A whole lot more than just a taxi service.

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