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Tire slogans

Firestone tires
Slogans: Whatever you drive, drive a Firestone.
     The experience you want.
     We know our roads.
     Tyres. What we do best.

Firestone Deluxe Champion, motorcycle tire range
The safest longest-wearing tire ever built.

Continental tires
Taglines: When braking counts, you can count on us.
     Continental. The future in motion.
     Innovative technology. Driving confidence.

Goodyear tires
Slogans: Made to feel good.
     Goodyear. More driven.
     On the wings of Goodyear.
     Goodyear. We discover, you explore.
     When snow say no, Goodyear says go!.. Go, go Goodyear!
     On the safeside of driving.

Goodyear HydraGrip range of tires
Reigns in the wet.

Maxxis tires
Slogans: Maxxis. Ultimate control.
     Making quality a tradition.

Bridgestone tires
Slogans: Bridgestone. Your journey, our passion.
     We'll be there for you.
     Bridgestone. Passion for excellence.
     A grip on the future.
     Bridgestone. Ultimate performance.

Bridgestone Dueler, tire range
First you drive it. Then it drives you.

Uniroyal tires for cars, trucks, minivans
Uniroyal. For everything you value.

Lassa, Turkish tires
Lassa. The intelligent choice.

Hankook tire brand
Slogans: Hankook. Driving emotion.
     Make love to the road.
     Creating the right chemistry between you and the road.

Avon Tyres
Taglines: Goodbye, middle of the road.
     Sooner or later you'll change to Avon Tyres.

Pirelli tyres
Slogans: Power is nothing without control.
     If you're going to drive, drive Pirelli.
     Pirelli. Gripping stuff.

Schwalbe, German brand of bicycle, scooter and wheelchair tires
Never ride second class.

Federal Tyres, Taiwan
Bringing motorsports performance to street tyres.

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