Slogans: feminine hygiene

Database of slogans.
Advertising slogans for sanitary towels.

Always sanitary towels
Advertising slogan: Have a happy period. Always.

Stayfree Dry Max sanitary towel
Tagline: Dry protection you can touch.

Libra panty liners brand, Australia and New Zealand
Ad slogan: Libra. Keep your knickers nice.

Stayfree feminine protection products (sanitary napkins and pantyliners)
Motto: Live Life. Stay Free.

Poise brand, pads and pantiliners for loss of bladder control
Advertising slogan: Poise. Yes, I can.

Tena lady pads
Tagline: For millions of women the secret is TENA.

Always / Silk sanitary towels
Ad slogan: Feels like silk. Protects like Always.