Toiletries slogans

Database of slogans.
Advertising slogans for toilet paper.

Angel Soft toilet paper
Ad slogan: Angel Soft. Comfort Where You Want It.

Royale bathroom tissue brand, Canada
Slogan: Royale. A Stronger Feeling of Softness.

Charmin Ultra toilet tissue
Advertising slogan: Charmin. Best For Bear Bottoms.

Purex toilet paper
Taglines: Pillowy softness you can see and feel.
     The thickest Purex ever.
     Purex. Long on value.

Cottonelle toilet paper brand
Marketing slogan: Cottonelle. Looking out for the family.

Velvet toilet paper
Advertising slogan: Velvet. Love your Bum.

Bouquets Toilet Tissue, Australia
Motto: The toilet tissue that really cares for Downunder.

Quilted Northern Bath Tissue
Advertising slogan: Quilted Northern. It's all in the quilting.