Toiletries slogans

Database of slogans.
Advertising slogans for toothpastes.

Colgate Total toothpaste
Ad slogan: Number 1 recommended by dentists.

Mentadent Replenishing White toothpaste
Advertising slogan: Behold The Fountain of Youth.

Pearl Drops Whitening toothpolish and toothpaste
Motto: Pearl Drops. See the Whiteness. Feel the Shine.

Sensodyne brand
Taglines: Sensodyne. Most recommended toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
     Sensodyne. Expert recommended to stop the pain.

Colgate Oxygen toothpaste
Advertising slogan: Pure. Fresh. Clean.

Gibbs SR toothpaste
Ad slogan: It's tingling fresh. It's fresh as ice. It's Gibbs SR toothpaste.

Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste
Marketing slogan: Take the feeling of clean to the Extreme.

Macleans toothpaste
Advertising slogan: Maclean your teeth!