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Toothbrush slogans

Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes
Slogans: The power toothbrush more dentists use.
     Recharge your smile.

Braun Oral-B, electric toothbrushes
Taglines: Brush like a dentist.
     Better bristles, beautiful teeth.

Oral-B Brush-Ups, textured teeth wipes
Now you can brush your teeth anytime, anywhere.

Oral-B Vitality
Turn on a healthy smile.

Oral-B Triumph Power Toothbrush
Smart technology - brilliant results.

Oral-B Pulsar
A clean you can feel.

Colgate 360 Manual Toothbrush
Slogans: Cleans more than just teeth.
     For a whole mouth clean.

Colgate Optic White
Brush. Whiten. Go.

Colgate Plus
Because your smile was meant to last a lifetime.

Colgate Actibrush Electric Toothbrush
The power to clean better.

Colgate Cibaca
India's largest selling toothbrush.

Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush
Taglines: Stick with technology.
     Dental professionals love it and so will you.

Brush Buddies Musical Toothbrushes
Make brushing fun!

Reinast, luxury titanium toothbrush
The one and only.

Reach Toothbrush
Slogans: Don't just brush, reach!
     The clean teeth toothbrush.

Crest Flex Head
Fits like a glove.

Crest Complete Toothbrush
Helps maintain a dentist clean.

Crest MultiClean
Fits between to get teeth clean.

Crest Spinbrush, battery toothbrushes
Two heads are really better than one.

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush, battery toothbrush
Don't just brush. Spinbrush.

Jordan, brand of toothbrushes in Norway
Slogans: You never know when you'll need that Jordan smile.
     Jordan knows how.

Cleene Clio Toothbrush

Oralgiene Time Machine, electric toothbrush for kids
Makes kids want to brush.

Royal Brushes, manufacturer of toothbrushes in India
Royal. Smile specialists.

Wisdom Toothbrushes
Completely dental about brushes.

Macleans Flex Top Toothbrush
Hugs your teeth, loves your gums.

Aquafresh AquaBlast Toothbrush Cleaner
Blast your brush clean.

Aquafresh Flex
For gentle dental care.

Aquafresh Power Clean, electric toothbrush
The power behind a white smile.

Aquafresh Max Active
Three toothbrushes in one for whole mouth protection.