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Uniform & workwear slogans

Snickers Workwear
Fighting for better workwear.

Barco Uniforms
Love what you wear.

Hard Yakka Workwear
Hard Yakka. Nothing's tougher!

Berne Workwear
Let's get to work.

Bisley Workwear
For the big jobs.

KingGee Workwear in Australia
Slogans: Do it once, do it well.
     Working hard never felt better.
     If they were any tougher - they'd rust.

Dickies Workwear
Taglines: Hard working - hard wearing since 1922.
     Dickies. A legend in work.
     Fit you... Fit your job.

Workrite Uniform Company, provider of flame-resistant clothing
Prepare for the worst. Wear the best.

Alexandra, provider of workwear, corporate clothing and uniforms
Alexandra. Clothes that mean business.

WonderWink, medical uniforms and scrubs
Expect compliments.

Cherokee Medical Uniforms
Inspired comfort.

Landau, brand of medical and nursing scrubs, uniforms
Landau. Made better.

Nurse Mates, nursing shoes, accessories and apparel
Live your life. Love your job.

Engelbert Strauss Workwear
Enjoy work.

Rex Regal Uniforms, supplier of corporate and work clothing
Clothing people at work.

Simon Jersey Staff Uniform & Workwear
Slogans: Clothes designed to work.
     Corporate clothing that people love to wear.

Designs to You, corporate uniform supplier in Australia
Corporate wear with a difference.

Mascot Workwear
Mascot. Tested to work.

Scruffs Workwear and Safety Footwear
It's gonna get dirty.

Best, work gloves
Protection at it's Best.

Trakman, manufacturer of work and corporate clothing
Affordable durability.

Peaches Uniforms, medical and nursing scrubs, dresses
Designed to work as hard as you.

Red Kap Workwear
Red Kap. Done right.

Barron, supplier of corporate clothing in South Africa
Switch your brand on.

Stedman Corporate Clothing
Show the world how smart you are!