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Yoga slogans

Alive and Shine Center, yoga studio in Bellevue
Slogans: When you join a class, you join a family.
     Real people. Real life. Real yoga.

Piedmont Yoga Studio, Oakland
Yoga as a tool for life.

Boerne Yoga Center
Yoga for life.

Arkansas Yoga Center
Amazing space. Transform at your pace.

Shine Yoga Studio, Cincinnati
The little yoga studio with a big heart!

Big Bend Yoga Center, Webster Groves
A place to center yourself.

Chi Yoga Center in Wilton Manors
Harmonize your body, mind and inner self.

Root Yoga Center, Denver
Feeling is living.

Telluride Yoga Center
Live in the moment.

Yoga Center of Collinsville
Coolest yoga in the coolest town.

Youphoria, yoga classes and yoga teacher training in Foster
Inspiration for joyful living.

Atman Yoga Studio
Envision your highest form of self!

Barefoot Yoga Studio
Yoga. For all sizes. For all shapes.

Westfield Yoga Center
Healthy body, clear mind, peaceful spirit.

Balance Yoga Center in Redding
Create healthy change through body, mind and spirit.

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