Financial slogans

Database of slogans.
Advertising slogans of banks.

Slogans: Your Citi never sleeps
     Because the Citi never sleeps
     Citi. Live Richly
     The whole world in one bank.
     Where money lives

Capital One Bank
Advertising slogan: What's in your wallet?

Bank of America
Slogans: Bank of America. Higher Standards
     Embracing ingenuity
     Think what we can do for you

Midland Bank (was founded in 1836 and in 1992 became part of the HSBC group)
Slogans: Midland Bank. Come and talk to the listening bank
     Together we make a great team

HSBC Bank (has more than 5,500 offices spread over 79 countries)
Advertising slogan: HSBC. The world's local bank

Dresdner Bank
Tagline: Dresdner Bank. Advice you can bank on

Deutsche Bank
Ad slogans: Deutsche Bank. A passion to Perform.
          Leading to results

Centurion Bank, India
Motto: Centurion Bank. We value your time

COOP Swiss Bank
Advertising slogan: COOP. The clean Swiss bank.

Timesbank, India
Advertising slogan: Timesbank. The power to do more

BankSA, South Australia
Marketing slogan: BankSA. The bank of South Australians

Citizens Bank, USA
Advertising slogan: Not Your Typical Bank

PNC Bank
Tagline: The Thinking Behind the Money

Commerzbank, Germany
Advertising slogan: Commerzbank. Ideas ahead.

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