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Coffee advertising slogans.

Seattle's Best Coffee
Ad slogan: Have it your way. If your way is fast.

Brim decaffinated coffee
Advertising slogan: Fill it to the rim with Brim

Folgers Coffee
Slogans: The best part of wakin' up
     The best part of wakin' up ... is Folgers in your cup.
     It's uncanny
     Mountain grown

Maxwell House Coffee, Kraft Foods, Inc.
Slogans: Good to the Last Drop!
     Taste as good as it smells
     Flavor Bud Flavor

Sanka Coffee (Maxwell House family of coffees), naturally decaffeinated coffee
Slogans: Sanka...Everything You Love About Coffee.
     One fiddler you won't have to pay

Bon Brazil coffee
Motto: Bon Brazil. Coffee thats always the way you like

Tchibo Coffee
Taglines: A new experience every week
On the site Tchibo offers its customers a themed range with around 25 to 30 products, in a changing weekly sequence
     Tchibo. Awaken the Senses
     Give the best

Paulig ground coffee, Finland
Advertising slogan: Paulig's, of course. (for Paulig Presidentti)

Cafe Pele, instant coffee
Slogan: Imagine Brazil (Russian ad campaign)

Kimbo, Italian brand
Marketing slogan: Kimbo… you won't forget it

Eight O'Clock® Coffee
Advertising slogan: Wake up. It's Eight O'Clock

Cafe Britt, Costa Rica's arabica coffee beans
Advertising slogan: From our plantation to your cup!

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