Business slogans

Database of slogans.
Advertising slogans of magazines.

American Home Magazine
Advertising slogan: American Home has an edifice complex.

Vogue Magazine
Slogans: Vogue - for the overwhelming minority.
     If it wasn't in VOGUE, it wasn't in vogue.

The Spectator, weekly magazine, political and current events
Ad slogan: The Spectator. Champagne for the brain.

New Statesman, a British political magazine
Tagline: New Statesman. Expand your mind, change your world.

Manager magazin, Germany
Advertising slogan: Business - the inside story.

The Economist
Slogans: Sparks and Mensa.
     More than just economics.
     The Economist. For top laps.
     Free enterprise with every issue.

Metropolitan Home Magazine, American home style and contemporary design
Advertising slogan: Mode for your abode.

Time magazine
Slogans: Understanding comes with TIME.
     The most important magazine to the world's most important people.

Fortune business magazine
Slogans: Every FORTUNE Tells The Story.
     For the men in charge of change.

Money Magazine
Advertising slogan: Reap the rewards of Money.

Barron's, America's premier financial weekly
Slogans: Barron's. News Before the Market Knows.
     How the Smart Money Gets That Way.
     How Money Becomes Wealth.

Men's Journal, active lifestyle magazine
Advertising slogan: Live The Interesting Life.

Wine Business Monthly, Wine Trade Magazine in North America
Motto: News, unlike wine, does not improve with age.

Trail Magazine
Advertising slogan: The spirit of adventure.

Crescer magazine
Marketing slogan: This month in Crescer.

AUTO esporte magazine
Tagline: For those who get turned on by cars.

Veja magazine, Brasil
Taglines: Veja. The eyes of Brazil.
     Always both sides of the news.
     The news. Clear and accurate.

SUPER Interessante magazine
Ad slogan: SUPER Interessante. Get to Know the world.

Glow, Canadian beauty and health magazine
Motto: Glow. Real health. Real beauty.

U.S. News & World Report
Advertising slogan: News You Can Use.

Forbes, business and financial news
Slogans: Forbes. Capitalist Tool.
     Home page for the world's business leaders

The Ad Industry magazine, Russia
Marketing slogan: We want advertising that's wanted.

OK! Magazine
Advertising slogan: OK! First For Celebrity News.

First, women's magazine, Britain
Ad slogan: First. The conversation starts here.

Grazia women's glossy magazine
Slogans: Grazia. Britain's first weekly glossy.
     A lot can happen in a week.
     Impatience is a virtue.

Heat entertainment magazine
Advertising slogan: Heat. No other gossip will do.

Yours, Britain's magazine for the mature female
Tagline: Yours. The read of your life every fortnight.

Closer consumer magazine
Ad slogan: Life's more interesting when you get Closer.