Automotive slogans

Database of slogans.
Car brand advertising slogans.

BMW automobiles
Marketing slogans: BMW. The Ultimate Driving Machine.
           BMW. Sheer Driving Pleasure.
           The Ultimate Driving Experience.

Jaguar cars
Ad slogans: Born to perform.
       Unleash a Jaguar.
       Don't dream it. Drive it!
       Jaguar. The art of performance.
       Grace.... space... pace.

Audi automobiles
Marketing slogans: Keeping ahead through technology.
         Everyone dreams of an Audi.

Volkswagen, the German car brand
Slogans: Volkswagen. Drivers wanted. (US marketing campaign)
     For the love of the car.
     Relieves gas pains.
     Surprisingly ordinary prices
(UK campaign for VW Passat, Golf, Polo)

Peugeot, the French automobiles
Marketing slogans: Peugeot. Live the pleasure.
         The drive of your life.
         The lion goes from strength to strength.

Jeep cars
Motto: Jeep. There's Only One.

Toyota car brand
Taglines: Let's go places.
     Today tomorrow Toyota.
     Toyota. Moving forward.
     The best built cars in the world.
     Get the feeling!
     Drive your dreams.
     The car in front is a Toyota.
     I love what you do for me, Toyota!
     Who could ask for anything more?
     Oh, what a feeling!
     You asked for it! You got it!
     Your new experience of motoring.

Pontiac Vehicles
Advertising slogan: We are driving excitement.

Rover car brand
Advertising slogan: Rover. A Class Of Its Own.

Land Rover vehicles
Advertising slogan: Land Rover. Go beyond.

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