Dining slogans

Database of slogans.
Advertising slogans for restaurants.

Daily Grill restaurant, California
Advertising slogan: For great American food… Think daily

Chili's Grill & Bar Family Restaurant
Advertising slogan: Chili's Grill & Bar. Like no place else

Yours Truly Restaurants, casual dining, Ohio
Slogans: Make People Happy, Have Some Fun and Be Number 1!
     Yours Truly Restaurant. For AM & PM people

Village Inn Restaurants, United States
Slogans: Good food… Good feelings
     Satisfying people's hunger for life's simple pleasures

Una Mas, mexican grills, Silicon Valley, California
Motto: Una Mas. Get More Of What You Really Want!

The Loop Pizza Grill, Florida and other states
Advertising slogan: Life is Too Short For Average Food!

The Plum Tomato Brick Oven Pizza Restaurant, Connecticut
Ad slogan: The Plum Tomato. "Food so good… it's addictive!"

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