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Wine advertising slogans.

Brown Brothers brand, Australia
Advertising slogan: Nothing but the wine

Wolf Blass brand, Australia
Advertising slogans: Wolf Blass. Australian wine at its peak

Lindemans best selling Australian wine brand
Ad slogan: Lindemans. Making life more enjoyable

Jacob's Creek, Australian wine brand
Tagline: Jacob's Creek. Say when.

Black Swan wine brand, Australia
Ad slogan: Black Swan. Let Your Senses Take Flight

William Hill Winery wines
Advertising slogan: William Hill. Elegance. Defined.

Houghton Australian Wines
Advertising slogan: Houghton. Perfect for when friends drop in

Codorniu, brand of cava wines from Spain
Advertising slogan: Codorniu. The Culture of Pleasure

Bolla, Italian wine brand
Slogans: Bolla. Open up
   Wine is a little like love; when the right one comes along, you know it.

Fleur du Cap brand, South Africa
Advertising slogan: Fleur du Cap. Wines inspired by Nature

Argentinean wine industry campaign In England
Marketing slogan: Wines with Rhythm

Bella Sera, Italian table wine
Ad slogan: Bella Sera. It's going to be a beautiful evening

Korbel California Champagne
Tagline: Korbel. Turning moments into memories

Wine Council of Ontario
Motto: Wines of Ontario. As much character as the people who make them

Golden Amphora, Crimean wines, Ukraine
Marketing slogan: Golden Amphora. Wines of the crimean valleys.

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