Health & medicine slogans

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Drug advertising slogans.

Anadin drug brand, fast pain relief from headaches, colds & flu
Advertising slogans: Anadin. When only fast will do.
            Nothing acts faster than Anadin.

Excedrin drug, painkiller
Advertising slogan: Excedrin. The Headache Medicine.

Aleve drug brand, pain reliever / fever reducer
Motto: Aleve. All Day Strong. All Day Long.

Bayer Aspirin analgesics
Slogans: The More You Know, The More You Trust Bayer.
     Take it for Pain. Take it for Life.

Midol drug brand for menstrual pain relief
Advertising slogans: All you need is Midol.
            Because your period's more than a pain.

Solpadeine brand, a range of painkillers
Marketing slogan: Solpadeine. Power to hit pain where it hurts.

Paramol Tablets, painkiller
Ad slogan: Paramol. You can't hit pain much harder.

Advil drugs, relief from different types of pain
Taglines: For Better Relief, Advance to Advil!
     Advil. Stronger than pain..

Tylenol drug brand
Marketing slogan: Tylenol. The pain reliever hospitals use most.

Nurofen drug, pain reliever
Advertising slogan: Nurofen. Targeted Relief For Pain.