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Ice cream advertising slogans.

Good Humor ice cream brand
Advertising slogan: Good Humor. Return to the Classics

Tip Top Ice Cream Company, New Zealand
Advertising slogan: Tip Top. Real ice creamier

Haagen-Dazs, ice cream brand
Taglines: Haagen-Dazs. Made like no other
     Made For Movies
(ice cream tubs)
     Pleasure is the path to joy

Breyers ice cream brand, USA
Advertising slogan: Breyers. Taste, not technology

Blue Bell Creameries and ice cream brand
Slogans: Blue Bell. We eat all we can and sell the rest (corporate slogan)
     Have yourself a Blue Bell country day

Carvel ice cream cakes and soft ice cream in cones, shakes, sundaes
Advertising slogan: Carvel. It's what happy tastes like.

Klondike Bar (an ice cream sandwich)
Marketing slogan: What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Nestle / Peters Drumstick ice cream cone
Tagline: What's a life without surprises?!

Nestle / Peters Entice ice cream tub
Advertising slogan: Clearly it's going to Entice

Wall's Ice Cream
Motto: Stop me and buy one
This motto has been written on tricycles with fitted refrigerators which Wall's salesmen were riding.

Weis ice cream brand
Advertising slogan: Weis. Berry yourself ( for Raspberry bar)

Walls Viennetta ice cream desserts
Tagline: Viennetta. An unforgettable experience.