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Pet food advertising slogans.

Alpo Brand Dog Food
Advertising slogans: Doesn't your dog deserve ALPO?
            A great dog deserves Alpo

Meow Mix cat food
Ad slogan: Tastes so good cats ask for it by name

Whiskas Cat Food
Slogans: Whiskas. What cats want
     Cats Know the Difference
     A real treat for your cat's teeth
(Whiskas Dentabits helps keep cat's teeth)
     Eight out of ten cats prefer it
     Nutrition for life naturally
(Whiskas Top, Australia)
     There's nothing cats would rather eat (Whiskas with Vita-Bites, Australia)

Husky dog food
Advertising slogan: Husky. The real meat taste every dog loves

9 Lives Cat Food
Slogans: 9 Lives. Real Taste. Real Excitement.
     The cat who doesn't act finicky soon loses control of his owner

Felix cat food brand
Advertising slogan: Cats like Felix like Felix

Hill's Pet Nutrition
Marketing slogan: Hill's. The Global Leader in Pet Nutrition - corporate

Hill's "Science Diet" brand, pet food
Advertising slogans: Live lighter, Love longer.
            Superior nutrition for the life of your pet

Butcher's dog food brand
Advertising slogan: Dogs loves Butcher's

Cesar dog food brand
Advertising slogan: Cesar. Sophisticated food for sophisticated dogs

Eukanuba pet food brand
Taglines: What healthy dogs and cats are made of
     Eukanuba. What healthy pets are made of
(US, Canada campaign)
     The best you can do for your dog

Iams dog & cat nutrition brand
Taglines: Iams. Good for life.
     Good for Today. Good for Life.

Kibbles 'N Bits dog food brand
Advertising slogan: Kibbles 'N Bits. The taste your dog dreams of

Pedigree brand
Slogans: We're for dogs.
     Pedigree. It's a dog thing
(UK campaign)
     Dog's rule (USA campaign)
     Helping your dog live a fuller life (Canada)
     You keep them happy, we'll keep them healthy (Australia, New Zealand)
     High Octane fuel for working dogs (Pedigree Meaty-Bites Working Dog)
     Sealed in goodness (for Pedigree pouches, Australia)
     Biggest news since the bone. (Pedigree Meaty Bites dry dog food)
     Pedigree Pal. It's the best ever.

Schmackos dog food brand
Advertising slogan: Dogs go wacko for Schmakos.

Purina pet food brand
Slogans: Purina. Your Pet. Our Passion. (corporate)
     Advancing Life.
     Incredible puppy food, incredible puppies.
(Purina Puppy Chow)

Friskies brand
Taglines: Friskies. For more.
     For cats with an appetite for life.
(Friskies Go-Cat)
     A language you both understand. (Friskies Go-Cat)

Fancy Feast brand (cat food)
Motto: Fancy Feast. Good taste is easy to recognize.

Happy Dog trademark, Germany
Marketing slogan: Happy Dog. Naturally healthier!

Sheba cat food brand
Tagline: Sheba. To say I love you.