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Cigarette advertising slogans.

Virginia Slims Women Cigarettes
Slogans: It's a Woman's Thing
     You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Marlboro Cigarettes
Slogans: You get a lot to like with a Marlboro
     Come to Marlboro Country
     Come to where the flavor is

Strand Cigarettes
Advertising slogan: You're never alone with a Strand

Doral Cigarettes
Slogan: Taste Me! Taste Me! Come on and Taste Me!

Winfield Cigarettes
Advertising slogan: Anyhow... Have a Winfield

Chesterfield Cigarettes
Slogan: Chesterfield. Blow some my way

Camel Cigarettes
Slogans: Slow down. Pleasure up.
     It's your taste
     Where a man belongs
     More Doctors Smoke Camels than any other Cigarette
     For Digestion's Sake - Smoke Camels
     I'd walk a mile for a Camel

Carlton Cigarettes
Slogan: If you smoke, please smoke Carlton

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