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Water advertising slogans.

Agua Castello, carbonated mineral water, Portugal
Ad slogan: Agua Castello. Pleasure within you.

Kerry Spring water, Ireland
Advertising slogan: Refreshes in every sense.

Volvic mineral water brand
Slogans: Volvic. Fills you with volcanicity.
     You can't escape the taste.
     Water never tasted so good.

Bisleri, Indian bottled water brand
Advertising slogan: Bisleri. Play safe.

Infinity Water, New Zealand
Slogan: Infinity. The oldest way to stay young

Dasani, trademark of The Coca-Cola Company
Taglines: DASANI water. Can't live without it.
     Dasani. Treat yourself well. Everyday.

Watsons distilled water with or without minerals, Hong Kong
Advertising slogan: Watsons water. It's your body.

Aquafina, noncarbonated bottled water, Pepsi-Cola's brand
Slogans: Make your body happy. Drink more water.
     Nothing but pure refreshment.
     So pure, we promise nothing
     Aquafina bottled water. Purity Guaranteed

Rocchetta, Italian mineral water brand
Slogan: Rocchetta. Cleansed inside, beautiful outside

Deep RiverRock, a registered trademark of Coca-Cola Bottlers
Tagline: Deep RiverRock. Water you wear

Arrowhead, brand of mountain spring water, USA
Advertising slogan: Arrowhead. It's Better Up Here!

Poland Spring Water brand, USA
Slogan: Poland Spring. What it means to be from Maine.

Evian, natural spring water
Slogans: Your natural source of youth
     Evian. Live young.
     Approved by your body as a source of youth

Nestle Aquarel brand
Advertising slogan: Share life. Share Nestle Aquarel.

Perrier, sparkling mineral water
Advertising slogan: Perrier. Champagne of table water

Vittel mineral water brand
Marketing slogan: Vittel. A New Life Everyday

Contrex mineral water brand
Advertising slogan: Contrex. My Slimness Partner

Korunni mineral water, Czech Republic
Slogans: Korunni. The Queen of mineral waters.
     Perfectly balanced with no bubbies added

Kinley drinking water brand
Marketing slogan: Kinley. Trust in every Drop.

Apollinaris trademark, Germany
Motto: Apollinaris. The queen of table waters.

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