Computer slogans

Database of slogans.
Advertising slogans for computer brands.

Apple Computers
Ad slogans: Think different.
          Apple Macintosh. The computer for the rest of us.
          The Power to Be Your Best.
          Macintosh. It Does More. It Costs Less. It's that Simple.

IBM (International Business Machines) Computers
Slogans: I think, therefore IBM.
     IBM. Computers help people help people.
     Solutions for a small planet.

Acer (range of computers, notebooks, monitors…)
Advertising slogans: Empowering People.
            Acer. We hear you.

Compaq Computers
Taglines: Compaq. Inspiration technology.
     Has it changed your life yet?
     For the next generation of big businesses.

Dell Computers
Slogans: Dell. Purely You.
     Dell. Uniquely You.
     Easy as Dell.
     Be direct.

NEC Computers and semiconductors
Advertising slogans: NEC. Empowered by Innovation.
            See, hear and feel the difference.

Toshiba brand
Slogans: In Touch With Tomorrow - corporate
     Choose freedom (The Computer Systems Division of Toshiba Singapore)
     Take Toshiba, Take the World.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Advertising slogan: Fujitsu Siemens. We make sure.

Gateway Computers & Home Electronics brand - Laptops, Notebooks, LCD Plasma TV, Computer Monitors, Desktops
Marketing slogans: Technology you can trust.
           Gateway. A better way.

HP - Hewlett-Packard
Advertising slogan: HP. Invent.

Maxdata hardware
Advertising slogan: Maxdata. Real hard ware.

Mecer, South African computer brand
Motto: Mecer. Experience IT.

Intel microprocessors
Slogans: Great computing starts with Intel inside. (Intel Core_ 2 Duo)
     Intel inside.

IBM ThinkPad notebooks
Tagline: ThinkPad. Where do you do your best thinking?