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Advertising slogans of watches.

Pulsar Watches (brand of Seiko watch corporation)
Slogans: Pulsar. Tell it your way.
     Where substance meets style.
     Pulsar. Accuracy to seconds a month.

Casio Watches
Advertising slogan: Casio. Technology for life.

Timex watches
Slogans: Timex. Life is ticking
     Ridiculously easy to use
(Timex with I-Control)
     It takes a lickin', but it keeps on tickin'.

Movado watches
Motto: Movado. The art of time

Concord brand
Advertising slogan: Concord. Style Defined

Rado watches, Switzerland
Slogans: Time changes everything. Except a Rado
     Rado. A different world

Maxima Indian wristwatches
Advertising slogan: Because times are changing

Citizen watch brand
Advertising slogan: Citizen. Beyond precision

Accurist Watches, UK
Taglines: Accurist. Mean time.
     No ordinary old timer (Accu.2 range)

Panerai watches, Italy
Marketing slogan: Panerai. Where ideas come to life.

Seiko brand, men's and women's watches
Ad slogan: Seiko. It's your watch that tells most about who you are

Maurice Lacroix brand, Switzerland
Marketing slogan: Maurice Lacroix. Tomorrow's Classics.

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