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Tea slogans, taglines.

Lipton tea
Slogans: Be more tea.
     Drink positive.
     Lipton. Tea can do that.

Lipton White Tea
Tagline: The rarest of China's rare teas.

Tylos tea brand
Slogan: Tylos teaÖ it's a part of your life.

Ten Ren's tea, Taiwan
Advertising slogan: Ten Ren's. Tea time.

Tetley tea
Slogans: Thatís better. Thatís Tetley.
     Make time, make Tetley.
     Sometimes you just need a Tetley.

Bushells tea, Australia
Slogans: Our cuppa since 1883.
     Our tea, our way.
     Bringing Australians together.

Billy Tea, Australia
Tagline: The choice of your dadís dadís dad.

Typhoo, brand of tea in the United Kingdom
Slogans: Two-thumbs fresh.
     Typhoo. Join the tea-set.
     The better way to wake up.

Bell tea, New Zealand
Advertising slogan: Works wonders.

Zealong tea, New Zealand
Slogan: 100% pure New Zealand tea.

Nambarrie tea
Slogan: Nambarrie. Nice and strong.

Ahmad tea
Slogan: Ahmad. The world's most exclusive tea.

Tea Forte, gourmet whole leaf teas
Tagline: The exceptional tea experience.

Tazo teas
Slogans: Tazo. Artfully blended.
     It begins with tea.

Rooibee Red Tea, bottled tea
Advertising slogan: Wellbeing in a bottle.

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