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Tea slogans

Lyons tea brand, Ireland
Slogans: Quality tea, now we're talking.
     Puts the talk into tea.
     Because there's life there's Lyons.

PG Tips tea in the United Kingdom
Slogans: You, me and a cuppa PG.
     PG Tips. Itís the taste.
     Do your bit - put the kettle on.
     Put the kettle on.
     We all need a PG moment.

Kericho Gold, Kenyan tea
A matter of good taste.

BOH tea, Malaysia
Share the Ummph!

Dilmah Ceylon tea, Sri Lanka
Slogans: Fresh from our tea gardens to your cup.
     Dilmah. The finest tea on earth.
     The tea with more ahhhh.

Basilur Ceylon tea
Basilur. Magic story.

Goodricke tea, India
Slogans: The tea people.
     Wake up to a fresh feeling.

Wagh Bakri tea, India
Building relationships.

Clipper teas
Slogans: Natural, fair & delicious.
     Say hello to Clipper Green Tea.
     Britain's favourite green tea.

Kusmi, French tea brand
Kusmi. The beauty of blends.

Teadirect, tea brand in the UK
A decent cup of tea.

Imperial Blend tea
A tea to bewitch your afternoons.

Barry's tea brand, Ireland
Every day should have its golden moments.

Victorian tea trademark
Slogans: It's romance... of a different kind.
     Happy to come home.

Tea Board of India / advertising campaign of Indian tea
India tea. World's gold standard.

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