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Tea slogans

Twinings tea
Slogans: Twinings. Gets you back to you.
     All natural. Is yours?

Twinings Pure Camomile herbal tea
Blended to make every day a little better.

Red Rose Tea, Canada
Slogans: Enjoyed for generations.
     Savor life's moments.
     Red Rose Tea is good tea.

Brooke Bond tea
Cheers your senses.

Brooke Bond D tea
Slogans: It makes you feel human again.
     D the most refreshing T.

Varieties of Brooke Bond tea
Taglines: Brooke Bond Scottish Blend. More flavour than our old bag.
     Brooke Bond Choicest Blend. You won't find a finer tea.

Freshpak tea
Slogans: Feels so good.
     When you know what's good for you.

Yorkshire black tea
Slogans: Let's have a proper brew.
     From Yorkshire. Where teatime's important.
     Try it. You'll see.
     It's got to be Yorkshire.
     All the best from Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Tea for Hard Water
Our family of teas blended to suit your water.

Sir Winston Tea
Finest tea tradition.

Harney & Sons tea
Master tea blenders.

Jacksons of Piccadilly tea
Purveyors of quality teas since the 18th century.

Punjana tea brand
Slogans: Put more flavour in your life.
     Punjana. Everyone's cup of tea.

Ridgways tea
Fine teas for the discerning.

Five Roses tea brand
Nobody makes better tea than you and Five Roses.

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