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Tea slogans

Celestial Seasonings, brand of herbal and green tea in the USA
Slogans: Celestial Seasonings. 100% natural teas.
     Make any moment Celestial.
     Tea doesn't have to be boring.
     All natural. No caffeine.

Yogi tea
Slogans: How good can you feel?
     Discover the delicious side of well-being.

Dr Stuart's herbal and fruit teas
Slogans: Extraordinarily good teas.
     There's a better you inside.

Kokoro green & herbal teas, Singapore
Keep heart delight.

Qi organic green and white tea
Balance and harmony for body and mind.

Salada green tea
A healthy taste for life since 1892.

Gryphon Chamomile Dream, caffeine-free tea
Can't sleep?

Numi Organic Tea
Celebrating people, planet, and pure tea.

Upton Tea Imports, American company that sells specialty teas
Purveyor of the world's finest teas.

Tavalon, tea company that sells premium teas and tea products
Tavalon. The future of tea.

Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company, manufacturer and distributor of organic tea
We take tea personally.

Teavana, tea and tea accessory retailer
A heaven of tea.

Alveus tea wholesaler
Slogans: Creates your premium tea.
     Source of daily wellbeing.

Rakhmet Royal Tea, Kazakhstan
Discover a new destination every day.

Good Earth tea
From the fields of five continents. Individually wrapped for freshness.

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